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    Winter 2005 Newsletter

Now is the time to get your GPS project or wetland location survey underway. With dense foliage and the overhead forest canopy at its minimum, it is more cost effective to prepare an accurate delineation.

At Two River Engineering, we perform a preliminary study by reseaching NJDEP maps as well as Township files. In the field, our environmental experts analyze flora and sample soils to flag wetlands limits. After completion of flagging, we submit all applications and documentation to the NJDEP to secure a Letter of Interpretation, which is a legal document that verifies the wetland limits on the property and establishes any required buffers.

We have performed wetland surveys for single-family homeowners, farmers, and developers.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our surveying services.


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Less foliage in the winter allows for easier aerial photography and ground surveying.


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